Missed Call Handling

Did you know that 42% of calls skating rinks go unanswered? Most rinks are closed during the day, and understaffed during opening hours. This results in missed calls that either get returned late or not at all. Missed calls are costing you profitable birthday parties and rink rentals.

Our Solution:

We provide and set up a call management tool with an automated texting system that will:
  • Respond immediately after a missed call

  • Turn phone calls into SMS conversations

  • Screen solicitation calls

  • Record your calls for quality assurance

  • Works 24/7

  • Text and call communications in one place

Your Benefits:

  • Have a 100% answer rate

  • Never miss out on a rink rental or birthday party

  • Quickly respond to customer requests without calling back or listening to long voicemails

  • Save hours of time and money on this operational task

  • Maintain and increase your customer service quality rate

  • Avoid relying on third parties who do not know about your business

In addition to these fantastic benefits, you also get the following:

Consolidated Messaging

Consolidate Communication Channels into one Mobile Experience SMS, Email, Phone, Google Chat, Reviews, and Social Chat. No need to have multiple mobile apps or multiple browser tabs open. All communication seamlessly flows through one mobile app that your chosen employees can have access to.

Personalized video texts

Send personalized video messages to customers via chat. Imagine it's time for a client tour of your facility. Instead of sending a dull email reminder, send a short personalized video. Show them a glimpse of the rink and let your future customers know how excited you are to meet them.

Webchat Widget to SMS

Web chat has not been ideal for small businesses. You need a dedicated support person to monitor the conversation. Your customer can also navigate away from the website mid-conversation. The EZMS webchat widget takes the conversation to the customer's text message so you can engage with them anytime.

Activate Google My

Business Chat

EZMS will activate and integrate Google my business chat. This is a little known feature but 68% of local business searches come from Google My Business. Why not
speak with potential customers exactly where they are searching for you.

Get more google reviews

Great google reviews are crucial for your rink's growth. The secret to getting more 5-star reviews on google is to ask at the right time and make it easy for the customer to respond. EZMS has both of these problems solved.

Text 2 Pay

Do you need to collect quick one-off payments? Collect money from customers in one click. Your customers will get an invoice via text or email. Getting paid has never been easier.

Support and Consultation

Get support from a company that deeply understands the skating center space.

Ready to get started?

Our Communication Center package is focused on simplifying your business's communication channels with one easy-to-use system. Each feature will save you time or money or will help you sell.

Communication Center


(+ $197 setup fee)
  • 2 Way Text & Email Communication

  • SMS Messaging

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Text to pay

  • Unlimited contacts

  • $10 messaging credit (~ 600 texts or 500 call mins or 6000 emails )